The letter from Denmark

Posted on Nov 15, 2015

I received a letter from Denmark. Just I can’t help sharing it…

“We read about Your project with photographs of the old garage doors in Vilnius in a magazine on the Wizz Air plane from Denmark to Vilnius and were instantly fascinated by the beauty of the individual doors and Your different mosaics of the photos.

We tried to find a location in Vilnius where Your works of art would be on display or for sale.

But the Museum for Contemporary Art was closed because of the installation of a new exhibition, and none of the galleries or bookshops, we tried, had any knowledge of Your works.

So we felt lucky, when it appeared, that we could order the “Beauty Remains 1” through Your home page.

The more time we spent in Vilnius and expanded the knowledge of Your beautiful city and homeland, the more we felt, that Your photos were expressing a condensation of Lithuanias present situation:

A land and a population with a dreadful and tragic past, but with a bustling and optimistic present mentality, and a will-power to make the best of the future.

The past can not be forgotten or erased. It remains in Your luggage as You carry on into the future. And thanks to the enormous ability to adapt, many people endured the hardships of the soviet regime in the remaining hope, that a change for the better would come, and Your people were demonstrating the strongest will and acted accordingly, when the chance of a dawn was appearing.

We consider Your work of art the best way to remember our visit to Lithuania and Vilnius, and by having it on the wall in our home we will be ambassadors for the present Lithuania and will tell our friends and relations of the wonderful experience of an autumnal visit to Vilnius.”