Without perspective

Aerial photography done by drone. Each object is assembled from several dozen photographs.

The Soviet sleeping districts are “exotic”, like a monument to a time before, a city within a city. The TV series “Chernobyl” was filmed in one of these districts in Vilnius – Fabijoniškės. But people still live there today. They are not actors playing their part, they live in today’s world between the walls of yesterday’s world. We cannot demolish these relics of a frightening past because they have become private property. Soviet buildings are being renovated – “clothed” with modern materials, hidden under a colored shell. However, the internal structure and layout remain unchanged, as does the consciousness of the people raised by the Soviet Union.

Each object is assembled from particles, from dozens of drone shots, to destroy perspective as much as possible. Structures carved from the perspective of a modern city – taken out of context. From a distance the viewer sees the scheme of the house, and from close range they can see every detail. The highest quality prints show broken concrete, flowerpots on the windowsill, cracks in the window frames. Such representation cannot be called photo manipulation – it is objective photography in which objects are seen as they are.